How bad are microwaves really?

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* Stand back. Because the radiation diminishes quickly over distance, standing further away from the microwave during operation cuts your exposure even more significantly. One metre is about right. And keep your distance even when the microwave isn’t in operation.

* Don’t put plastic in your microwave. All plastics leech chemicals (hormone disrupting chemicals such as phthalates and BPA, benzene, acrylamide) and/or metals (such as antimony, if PETE or number 1 plastics are used) into the food the hotter they become. Says, Nicole, “When the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tested plastics labeled “microwave-safe” and advertised for infants, they were found to release “toxic doses” of Bisphenol A. The amounts detected were at levels that scientists have found cause neurological and developmental damage in laboratory animals.”

* Use glass or ceramics instead.

* Keep the microwave clean, especially around the seal.

* Don’t be hasty and lazy. Cook food low and slow.


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