7 ways to control privacy on Facebook

Here are seven ways to protect your privacy on Facebook now that Graph Search has been expanded:

  1. Check your About tab. Facebook recommends that you click this tab on your profile page and use “edit” to control who can see – and search – information on your profile.
  2. Check your Photos tab. Facebook recommends that you review photos you have shared or are tagged in.
  3. Check your Activity Log. Facebook recommends that you check this setting on your profile page to review who can see the things you share and make note of which posts are public.
  4. Remove tags from photos and posts you’re tagged in that you don’t want to be searchable. You can do that by hovering over them and selecting “remove tag” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Limit old posts. If you don’t want to adjust settings for old posts individually, Ashley Feinberg, a blogger for Gizmodo, recommends that you use this feature, found under “See More Settings” in the Privacy Shortcuts menu accessible in the top right corner of Facebook. That will allow you to make all past posts visible only to friends.
  6. Don’t use hashtags. Vaas suggests that avoiding the hashtag feature rolled out in June will “keep strangers out of your conversations and unaware of your activity.” However, Facebook notes that even hashtagged posts are only visible to people you share them with, and can’t be seen by strangers unless you make them public.
  7. Delete past posts that you don’t want anyone to see. You can find them using Timeline by selecting the year you made the post. Hovering the mouse over the top right corner allows you to click on an arrow that brings down a menu with the “delete” option.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/7-ways-to-control-privacy-on-facebook-despite-graph-search-1.1876092


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