Durham Regional Police Service: Helpful Videos

Stranger Danger is up next for our “Safety Tips with Officer Astrid” video series. This is the third video in our series, aimed at educating our children in a manner they can idenity with.

This month, Officer Astrid teaches kids about the dos and don’ts when they’re away from their caregivers. Make sure to watch thisvideo and talk to your children and teach about this very important topic.

Here are some things children should know:

Danger can come from someone you know. It isn’t always a stranger. Not to go near a stranger’s vehicle. Not to accept strangers into the home. Children should tell service or sales reps to come back later. To take the same route to and from school every day so caregivers can easily locate you. Not to accept food or gifts from anyone without parental permission. How to use the telephone to call for help – police, ambulance and fire at 911. How to reach the telephone operator (no money is needed). Where to reach parents or guardians at all times. It is okay to say NO to an adult. That if they are being followed, they should run to a place where there are other people and yell for help. If they are separated from you while shopping, to go to the nearest cashier or clerk for help.To view the rest of the “Safety Tips with Officer Astrid” series, visit our YouTube channel. http://www.drps.ca/internet_explorer/whatsnew/whatsnew_view.asp?ID=26391

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