What is Joy To The World?

Get involved!

Joy 2 The World is a non-profit international relief initiative focused on helping children who are in need around the world. It is similar to the high-profile Operation Christmas Child project run bySamaritan’s Purse. Unlike Operation Christmas Child, there are no religious affiliations with Joy 2 The World.

It was started by a teacher at Nottingham Public School in Ajax in 2010, when the school decided not to get involved in Operation Christmas Child because of its religious affiliations. This teacher decided not to let this stop the Nottingham public school community from giving to those in need. Independently, but with help from organizations (like Help for Orphanages International) and neighborhood families, she spearheaded Joy 2 The World and established connections with orphanages in Haiti, who had been hit hard by an earthquake which devastated homes, separated families and left children orphans. The goal of Joy 2 The World is not unlikeOperation Christmas Child: to make it possible for hurting children living in the midst of poverty, war, disease and natural disaster, to experience the message of hope and love through shoe boxes filled with gifts.


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