Love Your Kids with Words | Family Your Way


Here are some super-creative, meaningful ways to write your heart out for your kids:

1. Be a pen pal.

Imagine being pen-pals with your children. You write a letter to your child in a private notebook,leave it on their bed and let them respond at their own pace and in their own time. I love this idea for those kids who have bottled up emotions but can’t seem to express them. I also think if you started this early, it would be perfect for those tween and teen years when words don’t always come out just right!

2. Write a letter.

When my daughter was 3, we had the worst day of parenting ever. It was the first time I saw the horrible future of crazed-teenagers flash before my eyes. It was the first time I thought, “I’m ruining my daughter!” After the ordeal and she was asleep in bed, I sat down and wrote a letterto her. I sobbed as I poured over the words–about my insecurities as a parent, my failures as a mom. It was so healing to me and I believe, when I give it to her one day, it will be healing for her, too.

3. Use someone else’s words.

Pick a favorite book, one that changed the way you think about life. Maybe the Bible, a devotional-type book or even a novel. Read through the whole book and make notes inside–underline, highlight, add stars and exclamation points. Turn it into a love note to your children.Highlight what you’d like your children to see in this book. Then, give it as a gift on a special day–graduation, birthday or when they need a pick-me-up.

4. Start a journal.

I found a journal of my mom’s a few years ago. It wasn’t a diary where she was spilling all her inner thoughts, it was a day-by-day, “we ate here, stopped there and bought this” kind of journal. I honestly don’t know why she kept it, but it was so intriguing to me! I loved the peek into my life as a child! Why not have a journal for your kids–it could be as simple as a baby book, a line-a-day book or as high-maintenance as a blog or a scrapbook.

Words are powerful. Our kids need to hear our words spoken over them—encouraging words, loving words and words of leadership. Sadly, they won’t remember millions of words that have poured from our lips. But writing some important words and thoughts can be a gift your children will treasure forever!


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