Early Math Matters: A Guide for Parents of Preschoolers

Team up with the teacher

If your child attends preschool, be sure to check in with the teacher so you can coordinate your at-school and at-home math instruction. Parent orientation sessions, parent-teacher conferences, and even volunteering in the classroom (and observing the action) provide great opportunities to learn about the school’s math program and see firsthand how your own child is learning. Ask the teacher what aspects of math your child understands and where he or she is struggling. Then ask how the teacher is addressing any difficulties — and how you might do the same at home. Review the work and projects your child brings home from school and discuss them together.

Source: http://getreadytoread.org/early-learning-childhood-basics/early-math/early-math-matters-a-guide-for-parents-of-preschoolers

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