Sickness sells

If you happen to manufacture and market drugs, you obviously want as many “sick” people as possible.

If you sell medication to artificially alleviate the symptoms of poor digestion, you give it a name (how about acid reflux disease?) and hire a well-known celebrity (who doesn’t use the drug) to tout its benefits. Or change the “rules” about what constitutes high blood pressure, and then sell drugs to people who now fall into that category. As long as you sell more drugs, shareholders are happy.

Many fall victim to the marketing trap set by these huge corporations. Think about it. Their profits come from selling drugs, not curing disease.

Symptoms are merely signs something in your body isn’t working correctly. What controls how your body works? Your nervous system, of course. If you know someone who has been “sold” sickness, encourage them to find out about safe, natural alternatives.


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